apr Zellcheming 09/2018

The key to the factory of the future

Industry 4.0, Big Data or the Internet of Things – The networking of processes and communication between machines is what will shape the future.

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Digital advances are making it all possible, as well as, in particular, a powerful and widely accessible internet. Voith (Germany) has not only ventured a look into the future, but is already offering specific solutions that are making “Papermaking 4.0” reality today. With Papermaking 4.0, the supplier wants to make an intelligent contribution to increasing the efficiency, productivity and quality of the entire paper production process supply chain, even in existing systems and equipment. The term “Papermaking 4.0” has been chosen deliberately to address Industry 4.0. While some industries are still ...

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apr Zellcheming 07-08/2018

Fachausschuss Papiererzeugung tagt bei Adolf Jass

Die Teilnehmer der Tagung des Zellcheming-Fachausschusses Papiererzeugung (PMAK) setzen sich mit Zukunftsthemen auseinander und diskutieren zweimal im Jahr über die Probleme und Herausforderungen der Papierindustrie. mehr

apr Zellcheming 07-08/2018

Zusammenspiel zwischen Technologie, Menschen und Management

Für die Andritz-Gruppe ist Digitalisierung mehr als nur ein Hype. Für einen der weltweit führenden Lieferanten von Anlagen, Ausrüstungen und Serviceleistungen ist sie schon längst eine Selbstverständlichkeit. mehr

apr Zellcheming 06/2018

Driving the digital enterprise in the fiber industry

Digitalization changes all areas of life: The way we stay informed, the way we travel, the way we buy things – and the way we manufacture products. And it is also changing business models. The pace of innovation and the ability to disrupt are becoming key success factors in global competition. This increases the pressure on enterprises, no matter the industry, and opens up new business opportunities at the same time. mehr

apr Zellcheming 05/2018

Digitalization – Hype or evolution?

Many believe the industrial internet is not a hype – it is more an evolution than a revolution. Valmet has it in its DNA (Distributed Network of Applications). This is the ideal and perfect platform to utilize all data of each sub-process to monitor, control, diagnose and maintain all components and processes (control loops) in customers plants. mehr

apr Zellcheming 03-04/2018

Industrial big data analytics and case studies from the pulp and paper industry

Advanced digitalization within factories, combination of internet technologies, and Internet of Things related “smart” objects result in a new fundamental paradigm shift in industrial production, i.e. Industry 4.0 1. In order to succeed, Industry 4.0 solutions need several technological layers. More importantly, Industry 4.0 needs to be closely knit to the actual business needs. Only then new technologies can improve company business. mehr

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