Chromium-containing catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas

Enno Eßer summarizes his study visit to Washington State University in from July to December 2016. During his stay and under the supervision of Prof. Norbert Kruse, he performed the experiments used for his diploma thesis at the Technical University Dresden.

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Even though the price for energy is at a historical low due to the low price for crude oil, the prospect of limited fossil energy resources has accelerated the search for alternative fuels. One of the possible fuel alternatives/fuel additives is ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and higher alcohols.

The introduction of the gasoline standard E10 (which includes 10 vol. %ethanol) in Germany in 2011 is an example of the increased effort to reduce fossil energy dependence. Even though mixed fuels have a lower energy density than pure gasoline, positive side effects are an increased octane rating and lower ...

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